Faraway Renz is located in the hills beyond Corbett. Situated at an altitude of approx. 4800 ft, Faraway Renz is spread over 16000 sq. mtr of greens. It has tolerable winters and comfortable summers.

During summer months temperature varies between:
Max. Temp. during the day: 31-32 Degrees Mostly; 35 Degree Celsius on a few select days
Min. Temp. during the day: 15-18 Degree Celsius

During winter months temperature varies between:
Max. Temp. 18 Degree Celsius
Min .Temp. -2 Degree Celsius

Reaching Renz

Faraway Renz is 7-8 hours drive from Delhi. The road goes through Ramnagar right next to the Corbett National Park. Faraway Renz is a two hour drive from Ramnagar on the Ramnagar – Ranikhet highway. Guests who leave early (typically 6 AM) reach us for lunch easily.

If you prefer to travel by train, you can choose either of the following options:
1. Ranikhet Express (15013/25013) : the overnight train to Ramnagar

This train leaves Old Delhi late evening, and reaches Ramnagar early morning. Take a taxi to Renz for a beautiful early morning drive through Corbett forests. Ranikhet Express comes from Rajasthan, and has a stop at Gurgaon too. The return train is also a good option as it starts from Ramnagar at 10 PM, and reaches Delhi early morning.

2. Sampark Kranti (15035/25035): the chair car to Ramnagar

Leaves Old Delhi at 4 PM and reaches Ramnagar late evening. But a very good train while returning, as it starts from Ramnagar around 9:50 AM

3. Kathgodam Shatabdi (12040): the early morning option

Shatabdi leaves NDLS at 6 AM and reaches Haldwani at 11:18 AM. The taxi drive is a little more than 3 hours, so you can easily reach us for lunch. The return timings also work out well; it leaves Haldwani at 3:52 PM, and reaches NDLS at 9:05 PM

Contact Us

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Please note

1st Apr 2021 onwards, the Government of Uttarakhand has issued an advisory for guests visiting Uttarakhand to come with an RTPCR -ve report, if coming from 12 specific states, which includes Delhi, Haryana and UP. The guests who have checked-in after that have come with RTPCR -ve reports and they inform us that they faced no trouble in either getting the tests done or while travelling into/in Uttarakhand.
Hosting guests witn RTPCR -ve report, certainly helps us in keeping the resort safe for other guests as well as rural areas near resort Covid free. We look forward to hosting you!