Inside the Property
1. Do Nothing!

That’s what we encourage people to do! We focus a lot on being close to nature, and would want our guests to spend lot of time in watching Himalayas, star gazing, breathing fresh air, doing yoga, experiencing the nearby forest & village, bird-watching or just exploring the rich flora.

Wilderness near Faraway Renz
2. Play Games, Read a Book

We have a mini footer/cricket field. You could play cricket! You can also laze around in the property and play some board games. We have Risk, Monopoly, Pictionary, Playing Cards, Poker, Dixit, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble. The stone walls, the warmth, the views and the joy of playing games. We also have a small library. You can pick a book and find a cozy corner in the property to read.

Board Games in Faraway Renz
3. Do a Barbeque/Bon-Fire

The nights can be fun! There are breezy slopes, the mighty Himalayas, the star-studded sky, and some fire. Sit around it or cook on it. The choice is yours.

Bon Fire at Faraway Renz
4. Kids Play Area

For the kids, we have a play area with the regular swings and a sand pit. There are a variety of kiddy games to engage kids of different ages –Plot 4, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Rat-a-Tat, Hanoi tower, Rangometry, Jodo, and some for which we don’t know the names! We also have an outdoor tent for kids.

Kids Play Area in Faraway Renz
5. Walk in the wilderness

There are numerous mountain trails around the property that make for a wonderful walk. Explore the woods, reach a view-point or walk through a Kumauni village. The fresh air, the abundant greens and the peaceful environs will surely give you a high

View from Faraway Renz
Outside the Property- Go for an excursion
6. Binsar Mahadev Temple

Binsar Mahadev Temple is situated at a distance of 15 kms from the property. The temple also has a ashram, dedicated to Binsar Mahadev. The gentle slopes will remind you of many a Bollywood movies where the hero and heroine dance around trees. Every year on Vaikunth Chaturdashi and Kartik Purnima, in June, a two-day Binsar Mela is organized here. One can experience local cultural programmes like Pandav and Chaufula dances, Mangal and Khuded songs etc. The temple is located in a wooded area and boast of very peaceful and scenic environment.

Binsar Mahadev temple near Faraway Renz
Wilderness near Faraway Renz
7. Ranikhet

Less than an hour’s drive from the resort brings you to Ranikhet, a beautiful tourist location in Uttarakhand. You could visit the apple orchards at Chaubatia Gardens, Rani Jheel, Shawl Factory, Ashiana Park (It has a very good kids play area) the Kali temple and the Golf Course. You can also do some shopping at the main bazaar.

Ranikhet near Faraway Renz
Highway to Ranikhet near Faraway Renz
8. River Indulgence

Go fishing, wade in ankle deep cool waters of Ramganga and enjoy the little splashes on your feet. A walk along the banks also gives us a wonderful experience.

Ramganga near Faraway Renz