Where the mind is without fear ...
Experience a realm of tranquility in the Himalayas. Our resort is a sanctuary of luxurious comfort, picturesque views, and the profound peace that only nature can provide.
... and the head is held high.
Embrace the essence of Himalayan serenity at our resort. Marvel at majestic peaks, unwind in luxurious comfort, and immerse yourself in a haven of tranquility. A cherished escape for the soul.
Where knowledge is free ...
... and pierces the darkness.
Elevate your senses in a reverie woven amidst Himalayan splendor. Our resort orchestrates nature's marvel with opulent indulgence, crafting an unmatched experience where dreams ascend to reality.
Where the world has not been broken into fragments ...
Experience unparalleled luxury nestled in the heart of the Himalayas. Breathe in the pristine mountain air, relish top-notch amenities, and let the tranquil beauty of the surroundings envelop you in a truly unforgettable escape.
... by narrow domestic walls.
Ascend to a realm of enchantment at Celestial Heights. A symphony of luxury and nature, our resort invites you to a majestic Himalayan escape, where every moment becomes a memory etched in time.
Into that heaven of freedom ...
... let my guest awake! welcome to faraway renz!
The Stay
Looking for a peaceful resort to spend quality time with your friends and family?
Need a serene place to work amidst the beauty of the Himalayas?
Want to escape the crowded hill stations? And, searching for something beyond the known names like Mussoorie, Nainital and Mukteshwar?
Ready to try something beyond the known and established 5-Star names?
Then, you've come to the right place! Maintaining a 5/5 rating on Trip Advisor for over 8 years, Faraway Renz is arguably the best Offbeat Luxury Resort in Ranikhet!
Right to Privacy - Your 'FUN'damental Right!
Faraway Renz has been curated with a single-minded focus on providing you an experience that is far away from the daily urban hustle and bustle. We strive to give you a different experience, sometimes even holding the opposites together!

Located near Ranikhet, Faraway Renz is an easy weekend getaway from Delhi. For the first five hours, you may feel like nothing has changed, and then you enter Corbett forests area for an hour of blissful driving. The real change happens after that, in the last hour of the journey, when temperatures falls rapidly in the summers; fog lifts in the winters; the road traffic all but disappears, and by the time you reach Faraway Renz, the view of the mighty snow-covered Himalayas might be your only companion in the drive.

From the moment you arrive, the tranquility hits you like a calm avalanche (if avalanches were calm, that is). The only alarm you'll hear is the sweet symphony of birds gently reminding you that nature woke up before you did. And don't be surprised if you find yourself getting lost in the panoramic Himalayan view. “So near, yet so far” is all that we can say.
Prem Se Maango - Sab Milega!
At Faraway Renz we don't aim to be the best hotel; we strive to be your home in the hills!
You read that right. 'Your home ... in the hills!'
We serve meals when and where you want to have them (no fixed breakfast timings!), we modify our dishes as per guest requirements, we often cook and serve vrat food too! We put up a bon-fire when you want it, we are happy to walk a trek with you, and pack a picnic lunch for the kids, we give you an umbrella if it rains and we put a mat out if you want to take the winter Sun. We are a full-service resort, but our staff, led by our able Property Manager Prem Singh, pamper the guests so much that most of them describe us as a homestay!!
Fursat Ke Raat Din ... !
The sense of time really slows down in the hills. “Parson”, the Hindi word for day before yesterday, when spoken at Renz, can mean anything from last week to a few months back. We believe that the grand views snow-covered peaks in the days and a star-studded night, allows you to develop Total Perspective. And this kind of a slow holiday, living right amidst the nature, in our Scottish cottages like Glens and Bowmore allows you to spend some quality time with friends, family and often with yourselves too.
While providing you the necessary material comforts for a modern living, Faraway Renz brings you the best experience of living in harmony with nature. Our cla ssy Scottish cottages have been constructed with locally quarried rocks and our lawns and pathways are purposedly kept unmanicured as we try to blend in with the nature. We also remain highly environmentally conscious and have successfully established systems for rainwater harvesting, wet-waste composting, dry waste recycling, and minimum plastic use.
Accomodation Types
For your stay, you can choose from three types of accommodation available at the resort.
The Bungalow
The Bungalow is a full Colonial styled Bungalow, segregated from rest of the resort but right inside it, with a breathtaking view of the brilliant stretch in front. The bungalow has two independent bedrooms each with an attached bath, a drawing room, a well-equipped kitchen, a large verandah and a private lawn. The Bungalow can accommodate four adults and two kids. Extra beds are available.
The Corner Cottage
Poised on the edge of the property, the corner cottage provides an open view on 3 sides! With a small private lawn, a wonderful view of the Himalayas on one side and tall pines of the forest on the other side, the Corner cottage provides a leisurely experience. The Corner Cottage can accommodate two adults and one kid. Extra beds are available.
The Standard Cottages
Single-room stone cottages with large windows that provide a beautiful view of the mountains and greens, with a comfort of good living. Two of the cottages also have an attached kitchenette, with a fridge. Each Standard cottage is decked up with a King size double bed and can accommodate two adults and one little kid. One cottage has an additional bunk bed available too. Extra beds are available.
Guest Experiences
Believe us when we say that everyone who lays foot on Faraway's premises instantly feels the stillness within them - so much that words take a backseat, and silence becomes the language of communication! However, when they go back to their homes, the words that they utter vibrate with that positive energy that we can't help but share with you!

Here's what some of the previous visitors to Faraway Renz have to share ... captured in videos that even Spielberg would be proud of, and words that reminded us of Twain!
The resort is a must visit, it has a Shangrila effect .. the rooms are huge, made of polished stones .. very clean and is equipped with all luxuries of a star rated hotel .. we witnessed the first ever moon rise .. the entire valley becomes moon lit .. this is a very rare sight .. the mornings were full of sunshine and the site of the Himalayan range was just magical .. hospitality and service is top class, the food is wow - mutton curry, muli ke khichauni, kumaoni sweets and fruits (Malta , Kinu) .. the best part is the bonfire and live barbeque .. you get to make your own kebabs .. exploring the jungle & village through a 5km track and spotting a few rare birds was super fun .. had an awesome .. and relaxed stay, hope to be there again .. soon.
Satyajit Deb Roy
Director - Brand Solutions at Saavn
A walk in the woods. Classic cottages in the mountains. Beauty of sunrise. Sleeping under the stars. Wandering clouds soaking you in love with nature. If you are planning for a peaceful vacation with your loved ones, then faraway renz is the place to fall in love with, it is as simple as that. Take a break, and do go to Faraway Renz.
Yaseen Anwer
Poet and Author
The resort has 6 cottages and an opulently rustic bungalow. The rooms are are superb example of masonry with stone blocks and pinewood roofs and panelling, with modcons. The cottages, interestingly, are all named after famous single malts of Scotland - Mactavish, Grant, Mackenzie and Bowmore! The view of Kumaon Himalayas, from Trishul to Nanda Devi et al is to die for! The picnic table on a ridge overlooking the valley takes the cake. The Kumaoni cuisine is simple and mouthwatering. There is even a children's play yard with slide and a sand-pit!
Gautam Sinha
Director - IIM Kashipur
We visited Renz in January this year. It was one of the most tranquil, rejuvenating and memorable stays in a long long time. The views from the cottages was breathtaking during the day and nights were even better with the clearest sky - unbelievable view of the stars in the sky - something one does not get to notice in the polluted Delhi air. Run by Rishi and his wife Nidhi who took great care of us ... they have good facilities, serve some delectable food and even accompanied us to some short beautiful treks. They also arranged for us to cook over a small barbeque in the evening - great experience!! But the best part is the silence, it is almost therapeutic for city dwellers. Plan to visit again very soon.
Amit Sharan
We, 3 families of 4 each, went for a much-needed getaway and to spend the new year vacation to Faraway Renz located in the hills beyond the Corbett Park, for 5 days.

The rooms were a real surprise as all the 6 rooms were clean, spacious and had all the necessary things in place for our stay... all with a direct view of the snow-covered mountain peaks! We were all mesmerized by the location of the homestay, the view was just breathtaking.

Another highlight of the place is the moonrise, which believe me, we had never seen before anywhere. It was the real beauty of nature. The sky was clear for most of the days and full of stars where we sat for 2 days in a row to see the different constellations and to our surprise we could see moving satellites without any telescopes (never thought of that).

It was a memorable holiday for all of us and we came back happy and refreshed, we will definitely want to visit the place soon again.
Bhawna Kumar
Doting Homemaker
Things to Do!
Do Nothin'
We're human beings, not human doings, right? So sit back here and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature! Picture watching the Himalayas, stargazing, breathing in fresh mountain air, practicing yoga, exploring the forest, enjoying bird-watching, and discovering vibrant flora. We're all about these incredible experiences!
Fire-up the Grill, Ignite the Night!
Get ready for nights filled with excitement! Imagine breezy slopes, the majestic Himalayas, a sky bursting with stars, and a crackling fire. Take out your guitar and sing a song or two. Gather around for stories like our ancestors would have done for centuries. And if your inner chef awakens, convert the fire into a barbeque and cook your own goose! Oops!!! The fun is yours to create!
Read 'em Book, Play 'em Games
Get ready for ultimate relaxation and excitement! Explore our library, find a cozy nook, and dive into a captivating book. Or gather your friends and family for all time favorite board games like Risk, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, or Pictionary! Imagine the joy of playing amidst stone walls, enjoying warmth and stunning views. And irrespective of who wins, every player is awarded a wonderful shared experienced with loved ones, one that you would remember forever!
Game On! Play Zone and Kids' Wonderland!
Calling all little adventurers! Our Games Lounge is a haven of endless excitement with Table Tennis, Carrom, and more! Dive into a world of fun with games like Plot 4, Ludo, and Snakes & Ladders. But wait, there's more! Swing into action at our play area, conquer the mini footer/cricket field, or smash it with badminton rackets. And for our tiny explorers, there's a magical outdoor tent waiting! Let the games begin!
Roam Wild: Nature's Path Awaits!
Embark on thrilling mountain trails! Wander through lush woods, climb to scenic viewpoints, and stroll in charming Kumauni villages. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, revel in abundant greens, and soak in the tranquility. Your adventure awaits!
Meet the Divine - Binsar Mahadev!
Prepare for an short journey to Binsar Mahadev Temple, just 21 kms away! Located amidst dense Pine trees, this over a century old temple, is revered a lot by locals and tourists both. And yet the temple complex and the surrounding area is amazingly serence. Wait, did we tell you that even the temple bells toll at certain times only!
Ranikhet: Chaos in the Serenity!
Rev up your engines! An hour's drive and voilà, you're in Ranikhet, the gem of Uttarakhand! Dive into apple orchards, explore Rani Jheel, snag some shawls, let the kids loose at Ashiana Park, pray at Kali Temple, and swing those clubs at the Golf Course! And wait, there's a shopping spree at the bazaar! Adventure and treasures await!
Indulge in Riverside Bliss!
Dive into the refreshing embrace of Ramganga! Whether you're up for a full swim, prefer ankle-deep wading, or simply enjoy the playful splashes on your feet, this cool oasis offers pure delight. Embark on a scenic trek along the riverbanks, where every step unveils the wonders of nature. Let the soothing waters and picturesque surroundings elevate your spirits and make memories that last a lifetime. Ramganga, where every splash tells a story!
Reaching Renz
Located in a village near Ranikhet, Faraway Renz is just 3 hours drive from Nainital and Almora, This area is located in the pristine hills beyond the Corbett Park, and is best approached via Ramnagar.
By Road
Faraway Renz is 7-8 hours drive from Delhi. The road goes through Ramnagar right next to the Corbett National Park. Faraway Renz is a 2-hour drive from Ramnagar on the Ramnagar–Ranikhet highway. Guests who leave early (typically 6 AM) reach us for lunch easily.

If you prefer to travel by train, you can choose either of the following options: (Please do reaffirm the timings from the latest Railway Timetable).
Train 1: Ranikhet Express (15013/25013)
This is the overnight train to Ramnagar. This train leaves Old Delhi late evening, and reaches Ramnagar early morning. Take a taxi to Renz for a beautiful early morning drive through Corbett forests. Ranikhet Express comes from Rajasthan, and has a stop at Gurgaon too. The return train is also a good option as it starts from Ramnagar at 10:15 PM, and reaches Delhi early morning.
Train 2: Sampark Kranti (15035/25035)
The chair car to Ramnagar. Leaves Old Delhi at 4 PM and reaches Ramnagar late evening. But a very good train while returning, as it starts from Ramnagar at 10:00 AM.
Train 3: Kathgodam Shatabdi (12040)
Tthe early morning option. Shatabdi leaves NDLS at 6:20 AM and reaches Haldwani at 11:25 AM. The taxi drive is a little more than 3 hours, so you can easily reach us for lunch. The return timings also work out well; it leaves Haldwani at 3:27 PM, and reaches NDLS at 8:50 PM.
Tariff & Reservation
Regular Rack Rates
Applicable 1st Apr., 2024 onwards.
Tariff for Standard Occupancy
Standard Cottage
INR 6,600/-
Corner Cottage
INR 7,499/-
INR 15,000/-
Tariff for Single Adult Occupancy
Standard Cottage
INR 5,000/-
Corner Cottage
INR 6,000/-
INR 12,000/-
Special Discounts
Special discounts for long stay or group bookings. For such reservations, write to us at rubeen@farawayventures.com or call us at +91 9548099575
A GST of 12% will be levied for the cottages and the Bungalow.
Standard Occupancy
'Standard Occupancy' for all cottages is 2 adults and 2 kids below 5 years of age. 'Standard Occupancy' for the bungalow is up to 4 adults and 4 kids below 5 years of age.
Extra Person Charges
Extra Person Charges of INR 750/- (plus taxes) are applicable if a third adult or kids elder than 5 years of age stay in a room, irrespective of whether an additional bed is actually used. We do not encourage 4 adults staying in a room.
Continental Plan
The most basic plan for those who don't know where shall they eat. This is the default meal plan, in which breakfast is already included in the fare, we can't let you go out hungry, you see!

Price - N/A

Modified American Plan (MAP)
Guests who intend to roam around the whole day, choose this option. And, Of course, we won't let you go out hungry. One meal - Lunch OR Dinner (Veg/ Non-veg) is included in your package.

Price INR 600/- per person plus taxes.

Faraway Meal Plan
Eat all that we can serve! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, hot snacks and tea/coffee included. Guests who are aware of our fabled hospitality choose this.

Price INR 1250/- per person per day, plus taxes.
Your Drivers or Support Staff
We provide a shared dormitory for drivers on a complimentary basis. And food is made available to them against very basic charges.
We are a pet friendly property and you are welcome to bring your dogs along, provided you promise to be responsible towards the needs of our other guests. Charges for each pet are INR 900/- per day which covers basic food items like milk, chapattis, boiled meat, etc.
Payment Terms
50% advance and remainder at the property.
Cancellation Policy
If cancelled before 3 weeks from the Check-in date, nothing would be deducted and the full advance payment can be utilised in your future trip to Faraway Renz. If cancelled 1-3 weeks before the Check-in date, half of the advance payment will be deducted and the rest can be utilised in your future trip to Faraway Renz. If cancelled less than a week before the Check-in date, no refund.
Contact Us
Faraway Renz,
Village Falson, PO Ghatti,
Ghatti-Basot Road,
Tehsil Bhikiasain,
District Almora,
Uttarakhand - 263646

For reservations and information, reach us at +91 9548099575. We're here to assist you in planning your dream Himalayan getaway.

Have a question? Shoot us an email at rubeen@farawayventures.com and expect a prompt response from our dedicated personnel.
About Us
Call us, 'The Four Musketeers' if you will, but nothing denies our self-realised fact that the one self-evident thing that is common between the four of us is our pursuit of sleek excellence in anything that we undertake. At Faraway Renz, we get to do exactly that. Daily!
Rishi Mohan Sanwal
Rishi Mohan Sanwal, was born and brought up in Uttarakhand. After his engineering from IIT Bombay and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he worked as a business consultant for 12 years, first at IBM and then at Accenture.

Besides, hosting guests at Faraway Renz, he teaches Operations at IIMs. He occasionally dreams about writing his next book.

He can be reached at rishi@farawayventures.com
Dipankar Mukherjee
Dipankar Mukherjee is a self confessed workaholic. After his MBA from IIT Madras he went on to overwork at IBM and E&Y as a business consultant. He currently divides his time between Faraway Ventures, Readomania and his paternal business.

A true Bengali, Dipankar loves literature, Rasogullas and the Himalayas.

He can be reached at dipankar@farawayventures.com
Nidhi Tewari
Nidhi Tewari is a leadership and democracy expert, she is the Managing Trustee of Democracy Connect, and in that capacity works with the elected representatives. After her graduation from Institute of Rural Management at Anand, she quit her campus job-offer and went on to work for disaster rehabilitation at Bhuj for many years.

She can be reached at nidhi@farawayventures.com
Sangeeta Mukherjee
Sangeeta Mukherjee, a media sales professional, is a Marketing grad & an MBA, and has worked with organizations like Times Group and India Today TV.

However, a Benarasi at heart, that too a Bengali, she is also an amateur painter and loves her canvas more than anything else. She is also a UN Volunteer, working with Ann Foundation on children's education.

She can be reached atsangeeta@farawayventures.com
Our Story: A View From The Future
The year was 2040. It was a cold December evening, when some old friends met for the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Faraway Ventures, to celebrate the day when they had started operations with their first resort, Faraway Renz. There was no moon in the sky, and stars shown bright. Even in that dark, you could see the outline of the majestic Himalayan ranges. They sat around a campfire, singing old Hindi movie songs.

"So what has been the secret of your success?" one of them asked Rishi. Well over the official retirement age of 60, Rishi really didn't look that old, except that he had lost a lot of hair, well, almost all of it.

"Hmmm....", mumbled Rishi after a long pause,"that's very difficult to answer". Rishi looked towards his younger partner, Dipankar, but found that no help was coming forth. Dipankar looked as if he was still in his thirties, while the truth was that his daughter Tia was almost that old. Dipankar was normally a talkative person, but on this occasion he was quiet.

"Let's see how Rishi answers this one", thought Dipankar.
Left with no option, Rishi finally spoke,"We think we might have a secret, but we sincerely think that we don't have success. At least not the way you conceptualize it. We just do what we want to do, and that is what we have done all these years."

"Ah the 3-idiots funda, chase excellence and success is bound to follow", quipped another friend.

"Not really," now Dipankar couldn't stay aloof, "we decided that we wouldn't care about the success-is-bound-to-follow part. And while both of us do chase excellence, we do it not because it is a rule, but because we like doing things the right way."

"The right way?"

"It has been our belief in doing things the right way that guided us. When we were laying the foundations of this business, we decided that one central principle that we will always follow will be that we will run a fair and truthful business. We will not cheat our customers, our employees or our vendors, not the regulatory bodies, and of course, not each other. The deep and honest relations that we have developed with all the stakeholders, has taken us places," explained Dipankar.

"So how did all this start? Tell us from the beginning."

"Rishi is the story teller, so he will tell", quipped Dipankar. Rishi had been an acclaimed writer for many years now. His first book 'The Bhuj Story: After the Quake' had been published way back in 2005. The books after that were still to come though.

"Hey, that's my line," said Nidhi Tewari from someplace far away, and rushed to join the group. Nidhi was a developmental activist who was entrepreneurial in her social ventures. Rishi on the other hand wanted to be socially minded in his entrepreneurial ventures. The two had met at Bhuj, while volunteering their efforts in disaster rehabilitation after the terrible Gujarat earthquake of 2001. That was the story that Nidhi was referring to.

"Yes, I am the story teller, but you are the publisher. So you have to first approve my story", said Rishi and continued. He started narrating how chance had brought Dipankar and him together while working as business consultants at IBM, how they had separated after moving on to different organizations, how both of them had come on the same boat after individually quitting the corporate world, how their search of what-do-we-really-want-to-do had brought them together and how in their explorations they had hit upon the idea of a partnership for running a resort in Uttarakhand hills.

Dipankar smiled at that. When he had started Readomania in 2014, he had had no idea that it could grow as big as it had. Of course, it had taken lot of hard work and immense support from his wife Sangeeta. By the time Faraway Ventures had happened Readomania was already getting established as a brand name: they had published 12 titles in the first year of operations. And the journey after that had shown that first year was even lesser than the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

"I will approve the story", he said, "but I can do that only after you give me the manuscript."

Nidhi couldn't help but give a big smile. It brought her memories of the initial days when Faraway Ventures had been set up. All three of them Rishi, Dipankar and herself, had common values, and that is what made them a good team. But they also had complimentary skills and often differing interests too, which lead to frequent disagreements and long debates, and that is what made them a great team!

Broadly while Rishi looked at internal operations, Dipankar was customer focussed, and Nidhi was the anchor for social and environmental spirit. But all of them were responsible for everything and disagreements were not infrequent.

Especially, Dipankar and Rishi were used to verbal sparring, and it was hard to say, who enjoyed it more.
"I have already shown you samples. You need to pay me an advance to get the full story", Rishi continued, the game.

He was suddenly reminded of an old incident when he and a few friends were trekking in the nearby forests. Chinmay, his 6 year old son was running ahead as usual. There was some discussion on who had maximum stamina. "I don't think I can compete with you", said one of them, "even the sample from your factory is unbeatable."

"Well then let it go, we don't need you to tell the story", replied Dipankar.

"No, but we want to listen to it", said the friend who had asked for it earlier.

"Then you can go to our website and read the section on 'About us'", answered Dipankar. And all of them burst into laughter.

"Look, here comes the moon", exclaimed Nidhi. Everybody except Dipankar looked to the eastern hills from where the moon was just rising. Dipankar looked toward the dining area, from where Sangeeta was walking towards the group.

"My moon is there", he smiled.