The Stay

The Bungalow

We call it the roof of the resort. It is built on a small platform at a high point on the slope of the property and has a breathtaking view of the brilliant stretch in front. The bungalow has two bed rooms with attached bathrooms, a drawing room, a well equipped kitchen and a big private garden. The Bungalow can accommodate four adults and two kids. Extra beds are available.

The Corner Cottage

Poised on the edge of the property, the corner cottage provides an open view on 3 sides! With a private small lawn, a wonderful view of the Himalayas on one side and tall pines of the forest on the other side, the Corner cottage provides a leisurely experience. The Corner Cottage can accommodate two adults and one kid. Extra beds are available.

The Standard Cottages

Single-room stone cottages with large windows that provide a beautiful view of the mountains and greens, with a comfort of good living. Two of the cottages also have an attached kitchenette, with a fridge. Each Standard cottage is decked up with a King size double bed, and can accommodate two adults and one little kid. One cottage has an additional bunk bed available too. Extra beds are available.

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House Rules

Thank you for considering Faraway Renz for your vacations. In order to make your (and everybody else’s) stay at Faraway Renz as pleasant as possible, we request your co-operation in observing the following as an agreement between the guests and Faraway Ventures, under which you are staying at the property:

1. Each guest will present their photo ID at the time of check-in and allow us to retain a photocopy of the same as per Govt guidelines.
2. The standard check-out time at the resort is 11 AM. Normally, we are happy to extend it by a few hours if the room is available. However, unless both of us have explicitly discussed and agreed to extend it, please make it a point to vacate the room on time.
3. The standard check-in time at the resort is 1 PM. If you are likely to reach before that, please discuss this with the resort manager, at least one day in advance, who will assist with an early check-in depending on the room availability.
4. You recognize that Faraway Renz is an eco-friendly property with colonial styled stone construction, aiming at a peaceful co-existence with nature and the local communities . We are located in the-middle-of-no-where, surrounded by a forest on one side and open fields on the other. While we make all efforts to ensure an insect free experience for you, given our closeness to nature and avoidance of strong chemicals we cannot assure a 100% insect free experience. If you do happen to discover an insect like an ant, a spider, a lizard, etc. in your room, please inform the staff who would remove the creature from the room.
5. We encourage guest interactions with the villagers and our guests have always found the villagers very warm and welcoming, during the village walks. You will respect the local communities and their customs in your interactions with them. In the rare case of any mis-understanding between a guest(s) and a villager(s), please remain clam and inform the resort staff. We will jointly seek community/administrative help, as appropriate.
6. While on the property and on treks around it, please avoid loud music , as much as possible. In any case, speakers/loud singing is not allowed on the property after 9:30 PM.
7. While a vacation at Faraway Renz involves no special safety risks, living and moving about in the hills, forests & rivers has physical risks, which you are aware of, and will take all reasonable precautions. You will be responsible for your Safety and Security during your stay with us. Faraway Ventures is not an adventure activity organization and even when a guide accompanies guests on nature and river treks, the guests remain responsible for their own safety and should take appropriate decisions.
8. While we have reasonably flexible meal timings, please do be considerate to staff and other guests on the property, in choosing your meal timings. Especially note that you must take your dinner by 10:30 PM as the kitchen has to wind down by 11:00 PM.
9. Pets are allowed at the resort on a pre-booked chargeable basis. The pet owners must remain responsible towards the needs of our other guests, ensure that the pets don’t litter the place or disturb other guests. Pets, of whatever size, must be kept chained or caged, at all times, when on the property. Pets are not allowed into the dining area.
10. Guests are not allowed to bring firearms, blades or any other weapons licensed or otherwise to the property. Any guest carrying any contraband items would be reported to the local authorities.

The Resort Management has the right to request any guest found violating any of the above House Rules, to vacate his/her room or other areas of the resort forthwith.

We continue being committed to delivering an experience of tranquility, peace, homely, eco-friendly luxury-amidst-nature, relaxation, rejuvenation and much more to all our guests, and look forward to hosting you. We also remain open to guest feedback to help us improve our customer service.